The Real Cost of Driving To Finland

We kept tabs on everything we spent money on (tolls, ferries, fuel) and tallied it all up to make a nice clear picture at the end. And here’s the results:


  • 15/07 UK (65.41 litre @ 1.259) £82.35

  • 16/07 UK (43 litre @ 1.339) £57.58

  • 17/07 Germany (68.8 litre @ 1.249) €85.92 (£77.22)

  • 19/07 Poland (67.1 litre @ 5,14 zł) zł345.00 (£72.88)

  • 20/07 Lithuania (61.2 litre @ 1.070) €65.54 (£58.89)

By far the cheapest country to refuel in was Lithuania, with the most expensive being the UK.

Total amount of fuel:

£348.92 = 1,800 miles | 305.51 litres = 17p per mile | 44hours driving spread out over 6 days.

Ok, but what about the channel tunnel and the ferry over the Gulf of Finland?

Ocean crossings:

Ocean crossings total: £270.94

So, adding it all together the overall cost to drive from Nottingham, UK, to Helsinki, Finland, was:

It’s worth noting that we travel in our van, so we free camp as we already have somewhere to stay! This also helps keep costs down, paying for accommodation every night would drastically increase our expenditure.

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