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Once the meal has settled and all the dishes are done, it’s time to settle in with a movie. And what kind of movie night is complete without popcorn?

Well, turns out, popcorn is kind of difficult in a van. For those who enjoy microwavable bags, consider there is no microwave. 

We’ve always made raw popcorn on the stove, but even that proved pretty disastrous when we tried it in our relatively tiny pot. It wasn’t long before we had popcorn overflowing out of the pot and exploding everywhere in the van.

That’s when we switched to the Cook N Home Stovetop Popcorn Maker, which has a large cavity, a two-sided lid, and churning handling so the popcorn doesn’t burn.

Given its size, it’s a bit harder to store, but we just nest other cookware inside so as not to lose out on too much space. Plus, the churner can be removed so the pot can be used as a large stockpot in a pinch. 

Remember, gifts for van life don’t always need to be fancy. Vanlifers love the simple life and thus they love simple gifts like this that just help bring more enjoyment to their daily activities.

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