13 Road Warrior Essentials For Overland Travel — Always the Adventure

Hammocks are all the rage these days, but suffice it to say they have a few flaws. Alone, they’re not very weatherproof, bug-proof, or warm.

That’s why the Haven Tents hammock tent is hands-down one of the coolest gifts for road trips around. 

This square bottom hammock features an integrated sleeping pad, bug net, and waterproof rainfly to keep your loved one warm, dry, and softly swaying to the song of coyotes.

While this isn’t one of the camping gifts for couples, this single-person hanging tent is stellar for solo road trippers.

It doesn’t have to be hung, either. It can be pitched on the ground like a regular tent for those treeless nights spend driving through the desert. 

We were graciously given a factory second to test (hooray for ensuring slightly flawed but perfectly functional goods don’t go to the landfill!). After spending this one night each in it, we were both in love. This hammock tent truly is the future of not only road-tripping but backpacking in general.

Find it here: Haven Tents

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